Recrudescence: 2017 to 2018.

It’s 3AM right now. November has embarked and I’ve been trying to pen it down for a longtime. You might see it as narcissistic drama or nice story with which I’m absolutely fine. Unclench yourself. Be wanton.

I am writing this for my assessment to remind myself how I changed because of circumstances and If I ever got distracted, I’ll read my words again for facepalming.

The year started off with a resolution to get into MBA institute and twitter suspension. I came back with new account, not for RTs, not for followers, only to descry and interact new people this time. I started meeting people offline to make contacts and to know them. It is still pretty mundane experience but I learned a lot things. Not proud of it but managed to meet people from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not Tinder because phone space. Harumph!!

I used to be viciously sarcastic, trolling for no reason, getting into argument unnecessarily. While in real life, I hardly had any fight. Even If I might have, teacher abated by “iski galti nahi ho sakti”. Ahan! Totally a different personality online made me realize how low I can stoop for retweets. Now I literally try my best not to indulge into any continuous rant. Hope I’ll follow it in future as well.

The sad and didactic lesson learned from people I love. Never had a relationship but got broken several times. No friendzone case either. Everytime people leaving without providing any reason is more surprising. All I do/doing is wait because you can’t let one bad phase overshadow all the good things person did for you. This is the utmost mature thought I can attain at 21. I felt depressed and thought of suicide more than an average Kota student could imagine. A little piece of sarcasm and people get surrounded by humorous camouflage illumination and forget my main forlorn issue. I have reached expertise in segueing conversation because anyone could hit my nerve where I might emotionally implode. ( Gladly few people noticed that ). 

No social media interactions for few weeks, hardly anyone gives a fuck for your existence and check out how are you doing. I really don’t expect/ask for sympathy but y’all taught me some lessons. Filtering friends because it became necessary now to cast aside negativity. Making the circle smaller. Less people. Less bullshit to deal with.

Again. Construe whatever you want. I wrote this to remind myself again not to fall in lopsided love and friendship ever again. Whoever left in circle, I text them irregularly daily and if you’re reading this prolonged tautological blog, I really hope and exhort them to stay here with me because I have almost lost faith in people. Thanks.


POST 2014

Come on. No goosebumps yet ? Then sorry. I have to refer you as an anti-nationalist. But if you’re too curiously excited then don’t be because curiosity killed the cat and so did Modi.

A plethora of good and bad things have happened in Modi tenure. Unlike other Modi critics, I won’t ignore good things. A first global Indian PM with his unmistakable duendes ( Just to mention. He’s my first male crush ). Let’s cut to the chase. In an ideal democracy, you ask more questions to govt. than opposition which I don’t see anywhere on social media and television as well. Like the previous blog, everyone is paid to extol a particular person ( we don’t speak his name, Harry ). Speaking of Modi govt., Demonetisation should be the most unprecedented and gutsy step Modi has even taken after 2002 as per my knowledge. It evidently welcomed many theories “why all of a sudden ?”. The most sensible one I heard of is Pakistan got access to Indian note’s cotton and balsam and unfortunately they converted it into valid currency. As the intelligence was apprised about the invasion of Pakistani agents, Modi expeditiously announced  demonetisation panacea in unscheduled live tv address. Keep your Jio theory aside. To suffice your thoughts, Ambani knew it because businessmen run the govt. too. They are an integral part of it. Most importantly, many deaths had happened in initial stages and govt. found itself in trouble. They started introducing many intriguing surprises as if it was designed by Prison Break writers. It was a revolution to curb black money and like in history, people had sacrificed in every revolution. My inner soul was be like “itna bhi nahi kar skte kya yaar hum, huh”. Also, to be honest, I didn’t stand for once in line because there was no cash in ATMs of Greater Noida. Hence no line. Tch tch. For a moment, one might think, it’s a propaganda to make BJP look over-nationalist party but it’s not. BJP itself created that wave of nationalism. Just so you know their Wikipedia page says BJP follows hindutava nationalism ideology. 

Let’s spur your rancor for me. Indian Army has been questioned a lot lately. In current situation, if you write Indian army as an example to the response of the definition of Patriotism, you might get full marks. Marks doesn’t look like a big reward in front of UP CM chair. Don’t worry. It happens. To call a spade a spade, I really don’t see any problem in questioning my army until you use them for your vote bank. We have been asking questions regarding electricity, water and transportation because parties used those issues while canvassing then why not in this case. Fair ? Surgical strike is not a new thing. Only BJP has advertised it like no one else.

Ask questions but don’t defame our army. Unfortunately that inherited hate for BJP led to vent against army. Columnist writing vitriolic passages for armed forces and like I mentioned they’re paid for this. Ignore these people if possible. Attention is what they want. In the end, I’d suggest so-called Indian liberals to stop acting as if we had option besides Modi. Forget Gau Raksha and Anti Romeo. You can never win against BJP with these issues. I dare you. Regardless of political attention ( because that’s inevitable ), raise problem related to agriculture, education, economy, gender equality and healthcare. India will never be the same. Election 2014 has changed everything. Everything. Forever.


Hi folks! so it’s my first blog ever and I don’t know much about its writing style but I’ll try to latch on as fast as I can.

Politics. The most talked-about topic in India lately. When a politician becomes more of a celebrity than a social worker, it is supposed to allure people to take interest in, no ? Currently, A lot of things or you may call it incidents are happening in India. The number of stances have risen more than ever before and undoubtedly it is going to create inkling in everyone’s mind about what is true or false. People are being paid to write slanted articles, extol a particular person and create commotion in readers’ mind. The sole purpose is to prepare a mindset that could be easy to manipulate in whichever way they want to. After all, it’s part of their business. Nobody is wrong. Huh! Be it Right winger exaggeration or so called Indian liberals’ stupid analogy. The best way is not to confine your reading to these dirty influencers. Read voraciously and try to perceive all views regarding that. Note down your thoughts and ask questions to yourself before engaging in any argument or babble your rant chauvinism.

Let’s keep it as short as PM Modi’s role in GST making. Ephemeral trolling is always healthy but adding expletives to look cool in group with scathing “unfunny” sarcasm only makes it offensive ( and it hurts. believe me ). It might be fun for you but gradually it is polluting and paralyzing you for rational debate. In the end, I can only advise. say whatever you want because it’s your FoE ( with infinite hashtags ), bruhhh! 🙂